WoW Dragonflight

With the release of the WoW Dragonflight expansion, new opportunities are opened for players. Word map become much larger, four huge locations was added. Also, WoW players can experience new race Dracthyr and simultaneously a class - The Evoker, for more skilled players. Developers provided an opportunity to set up interface for your comfortable gameplay.  In new add-on, Talent Tree has been modified, right now you have more options for character development. The area of professions was also changed, now you can personalise items after crafting, also you can ask another player who obtain different profession to build some items for you. 

In new add-on players can learn how to fly in different areas on new drakes. This is new mechanic of character control, when you are riding a dragon. Besides, in warcraft dragonflight new dungeons appears, it means that you can test yourself in new raids. However, your character level will be automatically decrease on 50 level. If you want save your time during character levelling, you can take advantage by using RankBeasts services. We provide fast powerleveling services for your character. Organising raids on any of the bosses in Warcraft universe. Our boosters complete any of the quest and even dragon race! Feel free to take an advantage using RankBeasts services.