We offer WoW WoTLK classic boosting services for gamers who want to safe their time. We have got a lot of useful services like wotlk classic leveling service, different mount acquisition, raids and much more. Those services are suitable for all players it does not matter you are playing for alliance or horde.  With our services your gameplay will be much easier and you immediately feel game dynamics. 

WoW WoTLK classic character boost include: 

Character power leveling, from 1 to 80 level. 

Raids on the most powerful bosses

Unique flying and riding mounts 

Profession leveling

Reputation acquisition

And much more!

Our fast and safe services suits for every player who wants to save their time and obtain unique boost for you account. We have individual approach for every customer who want purchase our services. Just text us via online live chat and we choose together special option for you and your favourite account. Our polite customer support agents are online 24 hours and 7 days a week. They are always ready to help you. 

How to buy WotLK Classic Boosts

First of all — you choose which service you need and move to checkout, to buy that service. After getting your order — we'll contact you via Discord to finalize some details about your boost, and then match your order to our boosters who will be doing your order and create a conference with them for hassle-free communication. Afterwards providing all the necessary information our boosters will begin the boost, and you need just wait until he finishes, it won't take longer than specified in order description. 

After you choose special raid plan on our platform, maybe this step by step guide will help you out to get what you need:

First of all you need to choose to raid in right category.

Secondly, fill needed amount of check boxes in product options and continue your purchase in cart.

After,  finishing purchasing schedule the time of the starting fulfilling your boost. Our players will contact you. 

When all foregoing points are done, you can easy start enjoying and perform your gameplay. 

Also, you can play for your account but please, discuss time details with booster.

During the execution of the order, you can provide a login and password to absolute the task using your character. It is important facing to know that you do not need to login into your account during the execution of the order. We never use third-parties programs for completing orders from out customers, all boosting events we do manually. We do not ask you your secret questions, so your account is protected from theft.

During the process you can spectate the process thru our streaming service and always feel free to contact our booster. You can ask them about the process in every stage of the order.  When your order will be ready, our booster from RankBeasts immediately notify you and you can start enjoying all facilities in World of Warcraft.

WoW Wrath Classic Boost security 

During the execution of the order, you need to provide a login and password to absolute the task using your character. It is important to know that you do not need to login into your account during the execution of the order. We never use third-parties programs for completing orders from our customers, all boosting events we do manually. When we perform your order, we use all precautions measures and VPN included. Also, we can provide you stream, so you can check by yourself all progress our boosters will do. We never use cheats or another not fair programs. Buying wow wotlk classic boosting is safe and smart decision for players who appreciate their time during playing this unique game. 

As you can see, there are many features that distinguish our Classic Wrath boosts from similar boosts. With Rankbeasts, you can get into the fun part of the game quickly and easily!

When will the classic WotLK boosts be available?

WotLK Classic is scheduled for release on September 26. Each WotLK Classic carry is already available for pre-order and will go live when the game releases on Day 1. This will ensure that your character is prepared for the most challenging content of Northrend as early as possible. This is especially handy since Wrath of the Lich King is the addon in which the achievement system is introduced.

Wrath of the Lich King brings many new and exciting things to the game, but at the same time requires a lot of time and effort to get obtain the best things like mounts, titles and toys. Get an advantage over other players by starting to collect these new and exciting items early with our Wrath Classic boost.

Our professional boosting teams played the game at its initial release and are now refreshing their skills in beta. This will ensure the fastest completion of all boosting services for Wrath of the Lich King when it releases. Level up, gear up, get some nice mounts, and be ready to be one of the first explorers of this new but classic content.

Question and Answers

What kind of booster do I need? 

It depends on how skilled you are and how much time you want to safe with our wow wotlk classic boosting service. The most convenient way to choose booster is to write to our customer support team in the live chat. Our kind support agent will help you with a pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact us.

2. How long will my booster take? 

In our huge assortment of boosters there are different order fulfillment time, depends on of the type of product. For example if you want to choose special raid you obligatory need to reconcile time for raid completion. Or if you decided to order rank increasing it depends on of needed level of rank what you choose. After, purchasing the right service just ask about time of completion from your booster. 

3. Can I play on my account during order fulfillment? 

Definitely, yes! But it is necessary to discuss time details with booster. Just warn him that you want to play and control of the character will be transferred to you. 

4. If I made a wrong order or made a mistake. Can I change something?

Yes, but please write to explain situation and describe what kind of changes you would like to make. If it is possible we will make changes for you. 

5. What kind of payment method Rankbeasts accept? 

On that moment we accept all major Credit or Debit cards. We will ad more payment options in the future.