Some evils cannot be fought alone. Team up with other brave Guardians to venture into the depths of Darkness and fight against threats beyond imagination. Brace yourself. You will be tested at the very limit of your strength.  Description from Grimoire.

Meet D2 2 raid carry service! This amazing mode one of the most popular and beloved in the D2 universe. If you are tired of the single player mode, get together with your teammates and deal with opponents and bosses could bring lots of fun! Usually, it could be hard to find such a big group of people who are connected in some way, and have a free time for overcoming mobs in the group of 6 people, without any pause. Gamers must be skilled and motivated, because it could be challenging to overcome bosses and their assistance. RankBeasts have an amazing solution for that!

Rank Beasts organize all raids in D2 every day. If you face with difficulties during gaming and can not overcome one of the raids or kill the main boss to get some loot from mobs, we will be happy to organize this raid for you. With help with our professional players, we can cope with that without any problems. With our best D2 raid carry service, we can complete even every Master raid. For RankBeasts boosters is a piece of cake. Here is the list of raids what we support:

Raids what we support  

  1. King’s Fall
  2. Master King’s Fall
  3. Vow of the Disciple
  4. Master Vow of the Disciple
  5. Vault of Glass
  6. Master Vault of Glass
  7. Deep Stone Crypt
  8. Last wish raid
  9. Garden of Salvation

One of those raids you can find on, if you are faced with difficulties to find necessary raid for you, feel free to ask about it from our customer support agent in live chat. They will be happy to help you. You always can check or ask about obligatory requirements for each raid. Lots of our customers are interested in King's Fall raid completion, all customers are really excited about armor and weapons what fall from this raid. The main thing what you should expect is a fun during overcoming bosses and of course a rewards when everything are finished.


Usually, all raids have their own requirements. However, if you have 1550+ Light Level, all raids from D2 universe will be available for you. Regarding this, if you do not have needed Light level yet, RankBeasts can easily help you with this. For this level, you should successfully complete the list of tasks in the game. Unfortunately, it takes some time and skills. If you do not want to deal with it, RankBeasts can take all hard work for their responsibility. With D2 boosting service and power leveling services, you can save your time and nerves.

One of the important requirements: when you ordered any of the raid completion, during order execution, please, do not log in into your account when booster perform your order. Just by reason of undesirable login out from your account. It could happen when two people from different locations and devices want to log inВ  one account simultaneously. It could be in the middle of the raid, all progress in the raid will be lost.

To avoid this, please just, text to your booster that you want to play and booster will hand over control to you.

Safety during raid passage

Important to know, that using real D2 raid services carry from RankBeasts is 100% safe. RankBeasts use all precautions methods, while boosters overcome through the raids. We setting up special VPN program for your locations and never using cheats or unfair programs. During order execution, our boosters do all actions by hands. They use their own strategy and tactics. You could be calm for your account because, our boosters have hundreds of hours of success playing behind their back. Just follow all requirements to avoid unexpected actions from server admins.

Our boosters  

We hire only professional players in our squad. Who carries about quality and speed of all orders fulfillment. They obtain amazing strategy, smart tactics and unique skills during gameplay. They already formed their own squad to overcome all raids in the D2 universe, using our services with help of our boosters we can guarantee 100% success raid completion. You will get needed loot from mobs, experience and extra bonuses.

Good to know, that you can ask your booster about the process of your order fulfillment at any time. They will answer in what point they are at the moment. Do not hesitate to ask them.

Additional options  

Do not forget about fun part of ordering best D2 raid carry service from RankBeasts. During raid completion, which are performed by our boosters. You can use some additional options. Here is a small list with explanation:

1. Priority - this function will save you a lot of time. Usually, RankBeasts have strong workload in some days. But with that additional function, your order will be first in a queue. We will start perform raid immediately if it is possible and raid is available at this moment.

2. Play with our team   - With that function, you will gain lots of experience and fun during raid completion. You will play with real pro's in one team. Communicate and enjoy amazing strategy and tactics during raid completion. In that case, you will play for your character and class what you have. Get in touch with your boosters and find the best way how to overcome opponents.

3. Stream - finally, stream function is available for our customers. This additional option suits for customers who want to spectate how booster overcame difficulties during the raid completion. Spectate skilled gameplay and best kills in live. The only thing left to do is to enjoy this breathtaking process.

If you want to add one of those additional options, please, do not forget to put a tick in the checkboxes below.

Questions and Answers ;

  1. How do I get loot from raids?  

One of the interesting part in D2 universe, that there are unique loot what falls only from special raids. That means that you can get exclusive loot for your class only from specific raids. Some of the armors or weapons could fall only from higher difficulties raids. For example, like Master King’s Fall. Also, in raids exist high possibility to get exotic weapons from bosses or their supporters.

2. Is there a limit on how many raids boosts I can buy?

Definitely, no! You can purchase any amount of raids what you desire. And you can use RankBeast services every day.