Apex Legends

If you are really into multiplayer surviving shooters and want to play in duos or trios against real opponent teams, Apex Legends is one of the best options for online gaming for you. Play with your friend via PS4, PS5, XBOX or Steam easily cause it has cross platforming option in this game, it does not matter what platform you have chosen, you still be connected with your teammates. But if you prefer playing by your own without matching time with friends, you also can easily play by your own. Apex will find team-mates for you, not in every situation your teammates will be skilled like you. They might be less experienced because of this your battle could be finished in negative way. In that case it will be difficult to rank up your champion and game play could not satisfy you in the long time perspective. 

Rankbeasts have effective and qualify solution for you. Just check out our services what can help you to avoid looses in battle and safe a lot of time. We will help you with a pleasure make your game play better. Rank increasing, legends unlocking, Apex badges and much more! Just text us via live chat and order the best apex legends carry service.


Apex Legends Boosting

During the game play and being in Apex Legends universe gamers confront difficulties of gaining new rank or earning necessary amount of currency. Due to low level rank you can join in the weak team with unskilled players, it could be stressful and disappointing for you. Also, sometimes to climb the long “stairs” of leveling could be annoying. For those solutions RankBeasts have 8 different services for pleasant gaming: 

  1. Apex Rank: This boost will help you enlarge current RP (Ranked Points) level. Just choose to tier what suites for you. We can increase it even until the highest Master level and with a bonus you will get extra rewards like dive trail, holospray, badge and charm. 

Legend Unlocks: Using this service you can get any of the champions what exist in Apex universe. Just choose character what are you prefer and let us know. Usually boost takes approximately 10 – 12 days. Also, you will get x12000 tokens for you. After, you can buy champion buy yourself. 

Apex Kills: Purchasing this boosting service will help you to increase KD (Kill — Death) ratio. Just choose necessary amount of the kills you needed and your K/D/A ratio will increase. But we want to inform you, that we are not protected from a couple of deaths. But we guarantee that your ratio will be enlarged. 

Daily Challenges: This boost will help you to save time for daily or weekly challenges in Apex Legends. You will get stars for battle pass, XP for your level. And of class if your level will increase during service completion you will get Rare Apex packs. 

Apex Badge: Those Badges are kind of reward for completing different challenges during gaming. Using our cheap apex legends boosting service you will gain wanted badges in the fastest and easiest way. During the order fulfillment you will get good K/D/A ratio. 

Arena Ranked Placement Matches: This boost takes only 1 day for finishing it. Using this service you can increase your division level. Winrate is approximately 75%. Just choose necessary amount of placement matches, also you will get nice K/D/A ratio.

Apex Legends Wins: Getting wins in Apex Legends never been so easy, just choose needed amount of wins and start to get nice K/D/A ratio, Legend tokens and experience. Boost takes approximately 1 – 2 hours per win. But we want to inform you, that we are not protected from defeats. 

Security in the provision of services

During the execution of the order, you need to provide a login and password to absolute the task using your character. It is important to know that you do not need to login into your account during the execution of the order. We never use third-parties programs for completing orders from our customers, all boosting events we do manually. When we perform your order, we use all precautions measures and VPN included. Also, we can provide you stream, so you can check by yourself all progress our boosters will do. We never use cheats or another not fair programs. Buying Apex Legends boosting is safe and smart decision for players who appreciate their time during playing this unique shooter.

The process of placing an order 

When you choose Apex legends account boosting for you, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat. Our polite and competent support agent will consult you and help you to choose right option for you. When you decide what service is the suitable for you, just add it to your shopping card and go to check out. Please, do not forget to leave your Discord login and an e-mail for further cooperation. After successful payment you will receive an automatic e-mail with all necessary information according your order, after those quick steps our professional player will inform you via Discord about order fulfillment. In class of the execution of the order you can ask our boosters about the process at any time. 

We have extra streaming option for our customers. During order execution you can spectate the process via stream option. You can observe amazing game play by our professional boosters, spectate tricks and follow the process. 

Questions and Answers 

  • 1.What kind of booster do I need? 

It depends on how skilled you are and how much time you want to safe with our apex legends boosting service. The most convenient way to choose booster is to write to our customer support team in the live chat. Our kind support agent will help you with a pleasure. Do not hesitate to contact us.

2. How long will my booster take? 

In our huge assortment of boosters there are different order fulfillment time, depends on of the type of product. For example if you want to choose special raid you obligatory need to reconcile time for raid completion. Or if you decided to order rank increasing it depends on of needed level of rank what you choose. After, purchasing the right service just ask about time of completion from your booster. 

3. Can I play on my account during order fulfillment? 

Definitely, yes! But it is necessary to discuss time details with booster. Just warn him that you want to play and control of the character will be transferred to you. 

4. If I made a wrong order or made a mistake. Can I change something?

Yes, but please write to support@rankbeasts.com explain situation and describe what kind of changes you would like to make. If it is possible we will make changes for you. 

5. What kind of payment method Rankbeasts accept? 

On that moment we accept all major Credit or Debit cards. We will ad more payment options in the future.